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winnow_phand's Journal

28 December
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I am 35 years old. Father of 4... 1 son and 3 daughters. I am a vocalist in a what I would call a thrash/death metal band (although I don't like to get caught up too much on the whole genre thing)and have been involved in bands/music on and off since I was age 16. The easiest way to explain my faith is, christian, though I'm not affiliated with any denomination. I believe Jesus Christ is who He said He is and has done and will do what He said. Due to research I've done over the last few years I don't have the same views as what I think the majority of christians do. Although I really don't like the term, I am what people would call a universalist. I put it as I believe in the reconciliation of all things to God(Yahweh) the Father through Christ.