I bought a little note pad a few months ago and been writing down some thoughts as they come.

Here they are...

·         Colossians 1:16-17. – For in Him (Christ Jesus) is all created, that in the heavens and that on earth, the visible and the invisible, whether thrones, or lordships, or sovereignties, or authorities, all is created through Him and for Him, and He is before all and all has its cohesion in Him.

When I read and think on that, I think we can only find our true identity when our lives are through, for and in Him.

·         My art is because of who I am. When I make who I am because of my art, I’ve lost it.

·         They tell you, you need to be happy all the time, that life is too short not to be happy all the time; Knowing full well that’s impossible. But, that’s how they keep you in the game.

·         Equality, with special privileges.
- The cry of minorities wanting to be majorities.

·         Forgiveness and freedom are joined.
Forgive and live.

·         Truth and justice will always prevail, because of God. He will reveal all.
But, we must also remember and thank Him for His mercy, in Christ Jesus.
With God there is not one without the other. And both are enveloped in love,
for God is love.

·         Learning to let go and let God.
I can’t figure it all out and I don’t need to.
I just got to trust God!

·         When people remain victims of their past, I think it’s a valid question to ask, is it because they’ve never experienced true healing or is it because they can use it to their own selfish advantage?

·         I’m not sure how concerned someone should be about things that may happen to them if they turn their back on Jesus. But, they should definitely be concerned about the type of person they’ll become if they do.

·         The more I let go of what is christian, the more I know Christ.

·         To love without an agenda. Something raised in the book, “The Shack.”
Very much something I’d like to learn to do.

·         A friend said to me once, ‘God is not defined by love, love is defined by God.’
I agree.

·         Never underestimate the effects someone’s childhood, good or bad, can have on the rest of their life. Never underestimate what God can do with and in someone’s life.

  • Never underestimate the depravity of mankind. Never underestimate the love, grace, restoration and sanctification of God.

Us & Them.
Last night I watched an interview with Pink and in there she said, ‘I want to have a gay son.’
I’m not sure where she was coming from with that or what her reasons are, but I thought that is one of the dumbest things I’ve heard. Wouldn’t you want a son to be who he is? And had some other thoughts that will be explained by the end of this post.
I was reminded this morning of when I was younger and I was arguing with a family member about how ignorant, stupid and wrong racism is, and I said ‘I hope my children come out black.’ (this coming from a white man with a white girlfriend). The point I was trying to make was how ridiculous and bad it would be if they were to not accept my child, their own family, if it were to not to be white.
What I’ve realized is how ridiculous and bad are those comments that I and Pink have said. Like I said I don’t know her reasoning for saying what she said, but if she was coming from the same place I did, it’s thinking that it’s something noble and embracing of the people being looked down on and a statement against ignorance. But if you really think about it for a while those sort of statements enforce the mindset of “difference” amongst people and enforce the “us & them” mentality.

This is not about relating someone’s sexuality and someone’s race as the same issue and it’s not about whether or not I think homosexuality is fine or wrong. This is about really thinking about equality.

A little while ago a work mate asked me if I go to Saunders Beach. Although it’s only about 20 minutes out of town I don’t remember the last time or if I’ve ever been there. I’ve been to some of the surrounding beaches. She said that she takes her dogs there some times for a walk and run-around. Since then it’s been on my mind to get there. So the Sunday afternoon just past, around an hour before sunset I got my dog in the car and went. I don’t know if it was just the right time of afternoon and the right time of year with the right weather, but the trip out was beautiful. The way the light was hitting the gum trees and the rest of the bush land, the purple and orange blends in the sky, there was something so Australian about it, and I don’t mean in a bogan, occa kind of way, but in a beautiful way. I think having the album playing “I Want That You Are Always Happy” by The Middle East, helped too. There was also a moment heading down the road that takes you to Saunders Beach where I’d catch glimpses of the sun through the gum trees, like a hovering, big, glowing, open blood orange with those purples and oranges in the sky as a backdrop, which was gorgeous and memorable.

It felt so peaceful and liberating in a way. I imagined it was like being in one of the final scenes of a movie where some guy is driving down the highway out of town, leaving all the troubles he had behind him, off to something new. I felt light and at ease, but as I have a habit of doing, trying to snap myself out of that bliss so to say, I start remembering and/or thinking about the mundane, the painful and the dark side of the world and life. I think I do it because I don’t want to enjoy something so much and then have it taken away or lose it. A fear I guess of not enjoying something too much because I expect to be disappointed or is it just that I know it won’t last forever, or is it me just trying to remain balanced. I’m not sure. It could be all of them. Either way I started thinking that I’ve got to enjoy the enjoyable times, and yeah acknowledge the not so pleasant and downright ugly side of the world and life, but not dwell on that while I’m not going through it. I think I’m learning to accept the good and bad, the ups and downs, the hills and valleys, the peace and pain, the joy and sorrow of life and learning that they are all valuable and worth going through and learning not to avoid one or the other.

Not sure if it’s completely relevant or completely in context, but Philippians 4:11-13 has crossed my mind while thinking about this.

Well, here I am back after many years of not even looking at Live Journal. I've given up on social media such as Facebook and Myspace and am not interested in ever returning to them. I made this account because I wanted to start blogging basically and did a quick search of blogspot and it just seemed convoluted or maybe I just wasn't in the mood to try and figure it out and went with Live Journal because I'm familiar with it, or used to be. Due to my experience with Facebook and Myspace, I'm not a fan of that type of social media. I'm not sure if Live Journal is classed as social media, but I'm not going to use it like I did the others. A lot has changed since I was on here last and there's been some significant changes and things happen in my life. I want to use this share my thoughts and things on my heart and hopefully inspire, encourage and even just simply share something others might relate to.

So here I go...


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